Unsung superhero

Unsung Superhero

Finally, Avengers End Game is finally out.

I have been waiting for it since 2014, ever since it was announced – and, oh boy, it did not disappoint.

One particular idea in the story that stuck to me was how the superheroes were willing to risk their lives to save, not only their loved ones, but 50% of the entire population that Thanos killed with a snap of his finger.

It is a very noble idea, sacrificing one’s life for the highest good – summum bonum – as one brilliant philosopher aptly put.

It reminds me of a story I heard about a train operator who always takes his 8-year-old kid to work. The train operator is responsible for making sure trains stay on their tracks and not stray from their course by pulling the right lever.

One time, while he was working, his son went out of the booth and started walking. The kid found his way on the train tracks and somehow, got stuck.

As the train operator saw his kid on the tracks, a train is 30 minutes away from running its course… on the same tracks.

He has two options - he can either pull his lever to save his boy and put the train off course, or sacrifice his boy so that the people on the train can live. We all know how this story ends…

Without giving you any spoilers - I'll be writing another article with spoilers, but I'll make sure to give fair warning - that's basically what The Avengers did.

Saving the lives of innocents, doing the very best that they can, at the expense of their lives and even the lives people they hold most dear.

I reflected on what the train operator did. I can honestly say that I can NEVER do what he did - believe me, I thought about it. I am a mother, and seeing my kid on the tracks, I'd save her life and kill thousands of people a million times over. But that's just me being a mother. Good thing our God is not like that!

Friends, our God is very much like the Avengers; very much like the train operator.

We may not know what’s going on, but God is the superhero that sacrificed his Son, so that we can life a happy life; a fresh new life free from sin and suffering.

We owe it to our superhero, our God, to return the favor and thank Him for His sacrifice, and be a hero to others.

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