My will vs. His Will

Trusting in His Plan

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.
Proverbs 19:21

As humans, we sometimes see very limited. We hold on to and value the wrong things and when it gets taken away from us, we mope and feel sad.

That’s perfectly normal.

But what we fail to realize is that even in times when we do not understand what’s happening, when we are at our lowest, God is cooking up something for us! After all, patience is a virtue.

My will vs. His WillA few months ago, someone broke into our house. They took my laptop, among other things.

As my work is online, that laptop is the source of my income. Its where I get money to feed my kid, pay bills and debts, it’s basically my entire life held by a flat gadget.

I cried all day not knowing how to move forward, thinking, “how will I pay my bills, what will happen to my work?” I only have enough money for a meager netbook. And I know that a netbook won’t be sufficient for the amount of work that I do online.

But then, after feeling my sadness and crying my heart out, I acknowledged that God had a plan.

I thanked God that the incident happened.

Was I crazy? Possibly, yes. I could even have had a nervous breakdown at that moment.

Thank God for getting robbed? How insane.

And then, a miracle happened! My client, bless his heart, sent me money to buy a new laptop – much better than the one I lost.

I was shocked – beyond belief. He’s an online client, our relation purely business. So I was totally surprised when he said he’ll send me money for a laptop.

When I asked him, what’s the arrangement? How will I pay for it? He said, “you paid for it already.” God, indeed, has His ways.

My will vs. His WillFriends, our comprehension is like a droplet of water from a glass compared to the ocean of God’s reason.

We may not understand, we may not agree, but we should never stop believing that everything happening in our lives is His will, and it will work out for the better.

Trust in Him. Trust that He has a plan for you.

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