The Write Moment – Ground Hog Day Meets 500 Days of Summer

I just finished watching “The Write Moment” which stars Jerald Napoles and Vallen Montenegro. This movie was first shown last October 2017 in cinemas as an entry to QCinema International Film Festival.

While watching the movie, I was also checking out reviews, given that the movie is already a year old.

It was already past a quarter of the movie when I got quite curious to find out that it had average reviews. Some said the movie was barely beyond clever and others mentioned that it had good ideas but got stuck in bad ones.

The beginning was actually interesting. I came across the movie when I saw my husband watching it and automatically got hooked – which means the opening was effective.

The story starts with Dave, a wedding videographer, who just got dumped by his ex. Totally heartbroken and depressed, he writes a script that tells their love story where they end up back together – married and living happily ever after.

But then, here comes the twist.

In a ground-hog day like fashion, he soon finds out that he needs to play out the lines in the script in order for him to move to the next scene. This means, he gets stuck and goes back to that same situation until he says his lines right.

This works out for him at first, as the story is about the two of them getting back together. But he, later on, realizes that beautiful moments are much more cherished for their uncertainty – the fact that they are not scripted.

I remember Dave saying in one scene, “Iba pa rin yung yes na hindi scripted”, when he was asked why he was trying to do a different scene where he proposes to Joyce.


Movie Highlights

The Write MomentThe movie did have some great and brilliant points, for that I give kudos to the team. However, as I finished the movie, I kind of understood why the reviews were average.

Let’s talk about what the movie did well, first.

There was a scene in the movie where Dave and Joyce, now engaged, were having their prenup pictures taken. Everything was beautiful, colorful, perfect.

They both looked very happy with their wide smiles that may seem to convey happiness at first. But, when you take a closer look, you’ll definitely feel the strange uneasiness, that feeling when you know, something’s not right here!

And it’s really brilliant that that scene was taken while they were having their prenup pictures taken. The scene just conveys how it feels like when a couple gets their pretty perfect pictures taken for their prenuptuals. Everything has to be pristine, from the background to the lighting – Everything it’ll take to get that perfect shot for the best print!

But what people don’t see at the backend is how awkward, how scripted, how far out people go to great lengths just to get that perfect shot.


Acceptance and Moving On

I know a lot of us find it hard to move on from a great relationship.

This movie raises the questions that most broken-hearted people ask: Why? Was it me? Could I have done anything to make you change your mind? I don’t understand. Why did we end this way?

And Joyce had a great answer to that: I don’t know.

It is quite hard for people to move on. But sometimes, the only thing that we can do is not do anything about it.

Dave wanted to understand, he wasn’t giving up on them. But sometimes, one shouldn’t fight a battle that shouldn’t be fought.

For those who are in a position where, they are still finding it hard to move on, this is the movie you should watch.


Could Have Been Great

Although the movie had a fresh concept, great actors, and execution, the overall movie itself lacked an element, that I'll try my best to explain.

It wasn't able t relate to the audience the idea that it wanted to express.

Art-wise it was wonderful. However, there was a gap, somewhere along the third quarter of the movie, where I felt that the movie lacked a sort of bond with its audience. There was a feeling of disconnect where, after a great build up, the connection suddenly got cut and I found myself saying… what the heck?!

But then, the movie did regain itself along the end of the movie.


Perfect Ending

As for the ending, I wouldn’t want it any other way! Of course, I won’t say what happened in the end for fear of being branded a party pooping spoiler!

But overall, the movie did well on a lot of points, could have done better on other points, but I would still recommend watching it.

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