The Turtle Always wins

The Turtle Always Wins

The Turtle Always winsWhen I was in grade school, I learned about this nice fable about a very slow turtle, mocked and bullied by a fast, high-flying hare.

He didn't mind the boastful hare. He just kept walking at his own pace.

But the arrogant hare just kept on mocking him. And to add insult to injury, he challenged the turtle to a race - something he knows he will always win, given the turtle’s chill and slow vibe.

And of course, we all know how it ends.

There are a lot of versions, but I particularly like the version where the proud hare rests in the shade of a tree and goes into a deep slumber.

When he wakes up, he regrets having stopped as the turtle has already won.

Leadership and succeeding in life are very much like the actions of the turtle. Pursuing your passion, leading a group, realizing your dreams, all take time.

You cannot lead a group who does not know you. You cannot spell success without going through failures and defeat. You cannot fairly say that you have achieved and realized your biggest dreams without going through the steps to get them.

The Turtle Always winsDon’t just go for the hundred-meter dash. That’s a get rich quick scheme. It never lasts.

Win the marathon. Fill your bottle with water, do your exercises and crunches, prepare for every challenge. This is what makes life worthwhile. This is what makes you fulfill your purpose.

Have a blessed race!

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