The Gardener and the Apple Tree

Do you want to start a project, serve a ministry, write a book, but just don’t have the time? Do you feel like you need to gain more knowledge or enroll in a few courses first before pursuing your passion?

The time is now!

Don’t wait for that feeling of ‘being ready’. It will never happen. You are feeling this urge to start right now; the energy is here now. And if you don’t act now, that energy will just die out or find a different person to express itself.

Let me tell you a story to explain further.

NowOnce upon a time, there was a gardener who was taking care of an apple tree.

He took care of it and watered it every day, waiting for its promise of juicy apples.

One day, the gardener noticed that the tree was starting to produce apple buds. He then checked each branch to see how many apple buds he needed to take care of.

There were dozens and dozens of buds in every branch, but there was one particular branch that was rotting despite the fact that it had buds in it.

The branch just refused to accept water. It was thinking, “I’m not ready yet. There will be other times; and more buds.”

The gardener couldn’t get why this branch refused to seep in water for nourishment. Even with the assistance of the gardener, focusing on that particular branch, watering it, making sure sunlight gets to it – it just refuses to grow.

It just wasn't ready yet. It felt like it was still little. The branch was waiting to grow older, get thicker. "If apples grew on my branch right now that I'm thin and feeble, I wouldn't be able to carry its weight and I'd eventually break. Maybe next time."

But what the branch didn't know, is that it was slowly rotting away because of its refusal to get nourished. It wasn't doing the whole tree any good.

Finally, the gardener had a decision to make. “I need to cut off that branch.”

He knew that if he didn’t cut it off, even when it had buds, the rotting branch would infect the whole tree. What’s more, the branch was taking a lot more from the gardener, his effort, his water, his strength - all for nothing.

NowSo he did. And when the branch was cut, the energy that was flowing from the branch was transferred to the rest of the tree.

Sure, the buds didn’t grow, but the water, sunlight, and whole energy that should have been used to make that branch grow, was put to better use when it flowed through the rest of the tree that bore juicy apples.

Friend, you have a bud inside of you wanting desperately to bloom. The time is now. Open up and accept the nourishment. Take action and take charge. Let God guide your way and be ready for juicy apples!



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