The Freelancer’s Bible for Pinoys – #1 Amazon Best Seller

My sister has always been competitive.

I remember when we were growing up, she’d always study really hard and aim for the #1 spot. She’d get all the ribbons, trophies, medals and every token the school could give.

I, on the other hand, would be the cute little baby sister watching her as she goes up the stage to be given her award.

I was really proud of her. Still am. Although I didn’t have the same zest or gusto for achieving the top stop.

I’m not bitter or anything.

I just didn’t understand why she was working so hard to be first place in everything all the time. I didn’t understand why she needed to prove her worth just to let people know she was the best of the best.

Not to brag but even when I was little, I already knew I was smart; I was brilliant. I didn’t need a medal or trophy to tell me otherwise. I didn’t need to prove it.

I didn’t understand why she was so competitive…until now.

As I became older, I’ve accumulated a lot of responsibilities with work, with family, some heavier than others.

I realized that the real reason I was not competing wasn’t because I was so confident with myself.

It’s because I was afraid of the responsibilities that come with being #1.

As Spiderman once said, with great power comes great responsibility.

Being #1 meant having bigger expectations from people; and the bigger the expectation the bigger the possibility of disappointing people if these expectations weren’t met.

Being #1 meant that people would know that you are great and would give you more responsibility of sharing what you know. That would also mean you need to make lesser if not zero mistakes because you are now responsible for giving information to people, all of which have to be credible and correct.

Being #1 meant that you’d have a much bigger responsibility of leading people, a heavy responsibility fit only for those ready to assume the task.

My sister was competitive because at an early age she understood what comes with being a leader and was ready to assume the responsibility.

I understand this now.

And because I am ready to assume the responsibility –  and the possible failures, mistakes and scary consequences that come with it – I’m opening myself up to a lot of possibilities and will start going for the top stop.

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The Freelancer's Bible for Pinyos

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