Sure-shot Formula to Success

Me: “Lord, please help me figure out the right formula for my business to thrive.”

God: “That’s not the right prayer. Try again.”

Every morning, I pray and talk to God. Lately, this request has been the recurring theme of my prayers.

I’m the kind of person who values security and stability. I’ll work and endure, as long as I know I’m sure of the results. I abhor failure. If there’s a way that I can avoid it, I will. Then again, who in their right mind would say they love to fail?

But in business, I learned that sometimes, even when you exert 110% of your efforts, things can still go wrong.

SuccessI recently read a finance-themed book where the author, a millionaire business tycoon, lost everything in the super-typhoon Yolanda. They not only lost millions upon millions and declared bankruptcy, but they also incurred 50 million pesos of debt. It’s really hard to start over especially when you have this much debt dragging you down.

This tragedy is no one’s fault. It’s definitely not the businessman’s fault. Even if he had everything figured out – a great formula that no one can refute – things can still go wrong.

And yet he was able to humbly start from scratch. Little by little he paid off his 50 million debt and start a small business with a four-digit capital. With his head held high, he still went to gatherings and endured all of the stares and side comments of other businessmen, knowing how poor he got.

And now his business is back where he was before.

successI then realized that praying is pretty much like any business. There is no formula. God does not have a formula. Praying the Rosary every day will not guarantee that our prayers will come true. Serving God will not guarantee that our wishes will be granted. But we still have to do it out of sheer love for Him.

Friend, have you talked to God lately? Now’s the time to start over. Start small. He’s waiting for you.

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