sunsets and airplanes

Sunsets and Airplanes

It’s the first time I saw the sunset from a plane.

On my flight back to Manila from Iloilo, I felt God talk to me through the sunset and the clouds.

When I was up there, the clouds looked like snow. I felt myself drowning in the beauty of God’s creation.

I said to myself, “Eto pa lang, gandang ganda na ‘ko. Airplane ride pa lang. What more kung Japan or North Pole yung pupuntahan ko, yung may actual snow!” (Meager airplane ride and I'm already this amazed. What more if I were to go to Japan or The North Pole - those with actual snow.)

At that moment, I felt real happiness. I felt loved.

A few more things I realized while on that flight:


1. If you can’t find joy in the small stuff, you’ll never be happy no matter how big your blessing is.

sunsets and airplanesHappiness is something that you consciously choose to be, it’s not something that you wait for.

If you aim for great things and wait for them to come true before really being happy, you’ll never enjoy the journey in getting there.

It’s not the success or achievement of your goals that matter, it’s the person that you become in the process. Have you been molded to be more humble, more giving, more understanding and more patient in the process of reaching your big dreams?


2. Enjoy every sight with your own eyes first.

sunsets and airplanesWhen I saw how beautiful the sunset was (it’s definitely a different sight from up there. Light and darkness separated by a line of thin clouds…beautiful!) I thought about taking pictures.

However, a small voice was telling me, “this sight is meant only for you.” It may destroy the moment if I grab my phone, set it up and take pictures – I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much if I did.

Friends, all of us have different journeys. Sometimes we journey with friends, sometimes we have to walk alone. Some are smooth, others are turbulent. But know that in every journey, whether with friends or in solitude, whether in your time sowing or in your harvest, God is always there with us.

May you find your beautiful sunset, where ever you may be!

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