season of waiting

Season of Waiting

“Let sit for 45 minutes.”
“Keep under the sun for one week.”
“We will call you in three days.”
“It will take effect after a month.” 

season of waitingDo the lines above ring a bell? They have the same connotation. They are asking you to WAIT. Every day, if not a handful of times a day, we tackle a task or an incident that requires our patience. Patience with our tasks, patience with the people around us, patience with ourselves, and, most importantly, patience with our faith.

As imperfect human beings in an ever-evolving world, we tend to hastily work as we want to get things over with quickly. Think about it. What if a farmer gets impatient with his wheat crops and harvests them at the fifth month instead of the seventh or eighth? The result: wasted effort.

season of waitingThere is the season of planting and the season of harvesting, but what we often take for granted is the season of waiting. Waiting is an essential part of the process. Yes, it is part of the process.

By waiting, a seed becomes a plant, and the plant grows food, and so on. Without the waiting part, we’d have nothing to harvest, no matter the case. Be it a small task at school or a task that would lead to a promotion at work, waiting is essential.

Ever heard of the great saying “Great things take time” and the even greater truth saying, “God is working on your miracles”? You read that right. Those two lines come hand-in-hand because all great things are only possible through God.

Just as garlic rice is perfect with tapa and egg, praying is perfect with perseverance and patience. To persevere is to be consistent in trusting that God is always working for your good. Patience is a virtue that you must lean on to when you are praying for something; this signifies that you trust that God is faithful to you.

It’s vital to put all your faith as you sow, and it’s essential to appreciate victory as you harvest, but it is just as necessary to keep the faith as you wait. You never know, the season of waiting could be making the journey more worthwhile.

God bless you, brothers and sisters!

azel Benjamin, 20, is a graduate of Communication Arts at Letran Calamba. She is currently working as a real-time captioner for news, and uses her leisure time expressing her heart and faith through writing.


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