The Power of Your Vision

The year 2019 has been a year of blessings for me. I planned, I moved, I achieved. Wrote a book, launched an online course, spoke at a big global summit… and a lot more.

But I wasn’t always like this. I wasn’t a goal-getter; not someone who’d go to great lengths and go after her dreams. In fact, I was the biggest pessimist on earth back then. And I liked it that way. I thought I was saving myself from the pain and heartache of failure, so I just didn’t try at all.

Then, something magical happened that made me change my mind. My husband lent me a book called The Law of Attraction. It was a small book – a quick read. The ideas were convincing enough: It said I could be whatever I want to be, and I can have anything I want. I just had to believe.

Just to see if it works, I tried doing what the book said. I did the exercise, I believed. And I could never be more grateful for having read that book. But that wasn’t the only thing I realized when I started changing my life and mindset. I had to do three things.


Ask and Visualize – The Global Authors Summit Theater Stage

A few months ago, my husband and I were having our regular dream planning session. In that meeting, I decided to visualize myself speaking in front of a large crowd in a theater.


To make the vision clearer, I looked for pictures of theaters that I’d like to see myself speaking in. This particular theater caught my attention.

I showed it to my husband and claimed that I’ll be speaking to a theater just like this one. Just saying that out loud as if it was already scheduled, as if that theater was already being designed for the conference I’ll be speaking in, got me so excited.

I made it my laptop wallpaper and looked at it every day. I imagined myself delivering the speech. I didn’t have any invites for a speaking engagement, neither did I have anything planned that month. I just believed that it’ll happen.

Five months after that dream planning session, I was set to deliver a speech at the 2nd Global Authors Summit at the GSIS Theater. That was the first time I’d set foot at the theater so I didn’t know what it looked like. When we went inside for our rehearsal, my heart suddenly stopped a beat at what I saw:vision

It’s exactly how I imagined it.

I just can’t help but wonder, did I do this? Did I attract this? It’s as if everything fell into place at that moment. I asked, I visualized, Divine Providence heard, and it was given to me.

But I don’t think I’d get that opportunity if I didn’t ask for it in the first place.


Move – Vision Boarding and Changing One’s Mindset

vision boardHere’s another cool story.

There was an exercise in The Law of Attraction where you need to create a vision board. You just need to look for a picture that represents the thing that you want to have, put it on a board or any conspicuous place in your house or work desk, any place where you’ll never miss it.

At that time, I never really understood the concept of positive thinking, of attracting your goals through your thoughts – for all I thought, they were just crappy ideas written by a weirdo.

And just to prove the book wrong, I did the exercise anyway.

In March of 2013, I put two pictures on my work board – a picture of a teacher teaching a hefty number of students, and the interior of a car.

But there were two more things I needed to do – the two secret ingredients – to make this idea work. First, I needed to believe that it’ll happen, and two, I needed to take steps to make it happen.

For a pessimist, believing something like this can be really hard. I needed to remove all self-doubt and every protective coating of excuse I had – I didn’t have any teaching experience, I didn’t finish an Education course, I didn’t have what it takes, I didn’t like kids…

Little by little, I convinced myself that I wanted it so bad, I deserved it, and it’ll happen. Now for the next step – submitting the application.

Because I was already at that point where I believed it was for me and I deserved to teach, I started handing over my portfolio to schools. I was already starting to ACT ON IT. I must say, the process of changing my mindset to a positive one was really hard at first, but once I got the hang of it, every waking day became brighter and brighter.

Come June of the same year, I got a call for a demo, did my thing, and started teaching.


Claim It – Feast Book Signing

When I finished writing my book, I had a ton of ideas on where I’ll launch it. I already had a lot of prospects, but one particular venue felt really close to my heart – The Feast at SM Santa Rosa. After all, this was where my dreams were born, where I got to know myself more, and where I truly met and got closer to God.

And because I wanted so bad to launch my book there, I felt like a regular vision board won’t do for this one.

I had to really make it happen. ‘No’ was not an option.

I claimed that it will happen before 2019 ends, so I started acting as if it did.

Every Sunday, during breaks, I’d sit at an empty table at the entrance of Cinema 4 where our Feast was held, and let my imagination run wild. I’d imagine placing my books at the table, then people would buy them and ask for my signature. I’d even imagine what it smells like. Hey, dreams are free, right? Then, why not dream your biggest and grandest! So that’s what I did.

Then lo and behold, one fine Friday in August, I had a speaking slot that also enabled me to briefly promote my book and launch it. It was exactly how I imagined it.


Dream it and it will come

This may sound like a cliché line from Field of Dreams – which happens to be a really great movie – but it’s true. The first step is for you to believe. Never underestimate the power of your vision. Move and act on it, claim it, and celebrate by thanking the giver of dreams for planting them in heart!

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  1. So Inspiring ate Robbie!
    Dreams do come true if we ask for it and believe that we will achieve it. Reading and knowing your success story inspired me, motivated me to do the same. It made me realize that I can still change my being pessimist when it comes to dreaming and believing in my abilities. We have to believe in the power of our dreams. <3


    It’s a WOW!
    I love everything that I’ve read.
    We really need to attract things in life.
    I am doing it already but this article teaches me to take a higher leap.

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