One Big Fear

One Big Fear

I have one big fear.

I think some of you will be able to relate when I tell you that…

I’m afraid of disappointing people.

When I was a bit younger, I went from company to company finding the right job. I would impress the CEOs and directors and I’d get any job I applied for easily.

One Big FearBut that was only the beginning.

After a few months, I’d get dissatisfied and start complaining about how the system works, or how the boss handles his staff.

After a year or so, I’d look for a new company to work for, a new boss to impress, a new set of friends to work with.

Yes, I did get a higher rank, and higher pay and better benefits. But I also had a disquieting feeling within me, a little voice that kept asking, “why can’t you stay put?”

Then suddenly, in one of my moments of reflection, the answer dawned on me.

I was so afraid of disappointing people!

I know everybody had high hopes and are impressed with me at the beginning of my onboarding in every company. I was so afraid that they’d discover my super duper hidden secret: that I’m not as good as they thought.

So, before they figure out that I’m not the high-level expert they thought me to be, I’d leave and impress some other company… and the cycle goes on.

When I realized this, I started thinking about where this hidden self-doubt was coming from? Then, in another aha moment, the answer hit me on the face.

I didn’t want to disappoint people because I didn’t think I was good enough – good enough for the company, good enough for my friends, good enough for my relationships….

I fooled a lot of people to believe in me, but I never really believed in myself.

Then I met God.

One Big FearI felt the warmth of His love, the fullness of His acceptance.

He knew my deepest darkest secret – my fear of disappointing people.

Then He told me, “No matter how much you try, you will never disappoint Me.”

Little by little, I finally understood and accepted myself. I finally took a chance and stayed. I finally overcame my fear.

Friend, do you have the same fears?

Take a chance on God! He will never disappoint you.


3 thoughts on “One Big Fear”

  1. Hi Coach Robbie,

    I have the same fears of yours. The moment I became a mother, there is a small corner in my mind that what if I didn’t give the best for my child. I have fears that what if I am not enough to make her happy. I don’t want to disappoint my parents most specifically to my husband. Because, I am the one who suggested this situation we have right now.

    Thanks for the word of God you have shared. It reminds me that whatever fears I have, the Lord our God is bigger than that.

    I wrote an article that I think relates to your One Big Fear post. I hope I can use yours as my backlink.

    Thank you.

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