Losing a Client and Staying Positive

I lost a client today.

In my line of work, clients are like employers.

But the difference is, with employers, if they terminate you without due process, no notice of what you did, not hearing your side of the story, you can sue them for illegal dismissal.

With freelance work, with some clients, (not all) it’s much easier to sever ties with the freelancer.

So, while working on the project, the client informed me that:

After careful evaluation, we’ve decided to no longer continue with our relationship. Thank you and wishing you great success.

I was shocked as anyone would be. But instead of feeling bad and cussing the client for something so unexpected, I paused – for what I felt like was a long while, composed myself, and replied sincerely, “Good luck and God bless.”

After that long pause – that pause was actually to remove the mix of anger, shock, sadness that I felt – I realized a few things.

And then… I prayed.


Power in Praise 

I remember this beautiful book I read entitled Power in Praise by Merlin Carothers. In the book, he said that we need to praise God in all instances, even when we don’t understand things.

That moment, when I prayed, I started telling God what happened – like a 6-year old kid telling her daddy she was bullied by the 10-year old kid who lived next door.

But I started thanking God that it happened.

Weird right? Thank God for getting fired?

I thanked God that I got fired even when I didn’t understand, even when I didn’t know what would happen next.

I acknowledged and accepted that God’s plan is bigger than mine, and that there are things, positive things, beautiful things that are on their way – something that I can’t see yet, but know that when It comes, it’ll be grand.


What We Always Say at the Feast

prayerAt The Feast, there was a question that was discussed in one of the talks. Why do you pray? Do you only pray to get what you want? Do you get what you want by praying?

Attending and serving at the Feast gradually made me realize the answer to this.

In prayer, you don’t automatically get what you want. You don’t automatically get what you’re praying for after finishing a Novena, or praying the Rosary 365 days a year.

What prayer does is make you see things that you didn’t know existed. It broadens your perspective to possibilities, it deepens your understanding, it strengthens your faith!

It makes you understand that there are things that you don’t see yet, that you don’t understand, and that’s ok.

It changes your mindset, makes you less angry to circumstances that you have no control of; because you acknowledge, through prayer, that there is a God who is in charge of the things you can’t control.


Lessons from Losing A Client

After talking and praying to God, here’s what I learned.


1. Be ready for the unexpected –

This rule applies, not only to freelancing, but also to employment, and life in general.

I’ve worked in companies where I had friends who lost their jobs to retrenchments and unforeseen circumstances. I’ve had my fair share of giving the pink slip to staff who won’t be regularized by the company for a number of reasons.

It’s never too late to prepare for what’s to come.


2. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket –

Yes, I was saddened and a bit disappointed. But I knew I’d be able to work my way around this loss because I have a few more baskets with eggs in them.

This not only applies to having more than one client, it also applies to saving up and investing for emergencies and things like these that no one wants to happen.


3. Still be positive -

When a client relationship is severed, 2 or 3 could be waiting for you.

You may not see what’s ahead, but know that once the cloud blocking your sight moves, a big bright future is waiting for you. All it takes is to not lose hope, and keep moving.

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  2. Hello, Coach Robbie. It’s been a while since I finished the EFF. Thanks for writing this. Your blog inspires me. I believe God has the reason for everything. I always have faith in him. Good luck, Coach. Looking forward for more of your masterpieces.

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