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Let go to Let In

My laptop’s telling me that I only have 300mb out of the 250gig storage that I currently have.

I could buy more space – but I know out of those files, 50 to 60% are just clutter and I don’t really use on a daily basis.

So, I start to clean the contents of my laptop.

let goI then find out that I can get more space by erasing folders upon folders upon folders of pictures. Pictures from way back when I was still single, pictures of memories with friends, pictures of glory days, travels, even lull moments.

I have thousands of pictures on my laptop that I don’t go back to. They’re just sitting there.

And yet, I can’t seem to delete them.

Have you ever found yourself in such a situation? No more space? Need to delete pictures but don’t know which ones to delete because all of them are precious.

It’s just like letting go.

Why do we find it so hard to let go of the past? Why do we have this need to preserve our happiest moments, hold on to them as our prized possessions?

We’ll always remember them. They’ll always be in our hearts and minds. But why can’t we erase the pictures that symbolize these memories?

let goMaybe because we don’t see the big picture. We don’t see that letting go is necessary – it’s necessary for our growth, it’s necessary for us to change and have newer and better memories. We can’t let new perspectives come in if we keep holding on to old ones that make us happy and comfortable.

Friend, let go of those pictures. Let God lead you, and know that whatever you have now, will be much better if you just let go and let in. Let Him in.

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