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Grab Trike – A Wonderful Experience

As I write this, I’m here at my hotel room in Legaspi feeling blessed at this newfound experience. It may sound trivial, but I find myself really happy that I got to experience riding a Grab trike twice – first going to St. Gregory Cathedral from the hotel, and then going back.

I booked my flight last minute, so I wasn’t able to plan for a detailed itinerary. Plus, this is the first time I’d be roaming the place solo. I don’t usually go for DIY trips, being the introvert that I am.

But this morning's experience really boosted my confidence in going by my lonesome.


Basking at the Mayon Ambience Al Fresco

I found out that they have Grab Trikes here in Legaspi when I was in SM and saw a Grab Trike stand at the entrance of the mall the night before. At first, I thought it was a joke. Then I checked out my Grab app and saw that, indeed, trikes do have Grab services here now!

I got curious. So the morning after, I booked a trike going to St. Gregory Cathedral. After 2 minutes, a smiling Grab trike driver was waiting for me at the entrance of the hotel.

We then went ahead; off to the church. It was so much fun! Being able to see Mayon up close, the fresh air, cool wind kissing my face… it was awesome!

Grab Trike
Grab Trike
Grab Trike
Grab Trike
Grab Trike
Grab Trike

Grab Trike - Great for Traveling Solo

Grab TrikeI was quite unsure at first going alone – I don’t normally walk around places I don’t know by myself. I get lost easily so I always travel with a friend.

But what made this trip more comfortable is that the trikes were clean and look really friendly for tourists. The drivers were really accommodating. They’re ready to answer any question you may have, they’re quick to give remarks and info about the local weather, the place in general, where you can find good places to eat…

It definitely made a lot of difference and made my stay here much better.


Budget-Friendly with Warm and Accommodating Drivers

Grab TrikeAnother thing that I love about the Grab trike? Unlike the regular Grab car or taxi, the Grab trike is very budget-friendly.

From the airport going to my hotel, the regular trike charged me P70 – so I know that this the normal rate.

When I booked a Grab trike, I half expected the price to be higher than that. I was surprised to find out that they had the same rate as the regular trike.

But of course, I feel much safer with Grab as it has emergency features that make customers feel secure; e.g., a text message gets sent to my husband’s number when I book a Grab trike with the plate number and other details.

Totally safe at no extra cost!


One Final Important Tip

For those, trying out the Grab trike here in Legaspi, just make sure you have internet and an ample amount of battery for the Grab app! Blessings and happy travels!

1 thought on “Grab Trike – A Wonderful Experience”

  1. Nice of you to travel in my region Coach. Aside from viewing the facade of Mayon Volcano and the historical Barasoain Church, it always took me 5 to 6 hours to travel from my place in Daet, Camarines Norte. I also did errands like going to our regional government offices there.

    Legazpi City is where the only DFA office in Bicol Region located. Also, DSWD office where I got DSWD clearance for my nephews who acquired their passports in the absence of their parents and CHED, too, where I inquired about some educational concern.

    Anyway, you should try going to Embarkadero, Coach. You’ll see a metro-type set up in a provincial nature.


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