Shadow Hunters

Finding God in Shadowhunters

I just finished this amazing series in Netflix called Shadowhunters. One of the many storylines is about a high warlock named Magnus who falls in love with Alec, a mortal Shadowhunter. Near the end of the series, Magnus loses everything he has. He loses his position as a high warlock, his home, and even the only thing that makes him whole – his magic.

Magnus Bane Shadow HuntersNot being able to bear the pain Magnus is feeling, Alec spoke to Azmodiel, the one who stole Magnus’s powers, to give it back.

Azmodiel agreed, with the condition that Alec will forever stay away from Magnus and break their relationship. It is, therefore, up to Alec to make the ultimate sacrifice. He can either stay with Magnus and let him suffer the loss of his magic, or break his heart without saying a word, and let him be whole again.

Out of his love for Magnus, he left. Their hearts were both broken, but Magnus was whole again. He regained his magic, his home, and his career. And yet, he was devastated by the loss of the one he loved.

Unexpectedly though, the story had a happy ending. Magnus later found out about the deal, understood why Alec needed to leave him, and they lived happily ever after.

Surprisingly, when I was thinking about how this love story ended, I thought about God’s love for us, and His ultimate sacrifice to save us.


Don’t Be Afraid to Make Sacrifices for People You Love

Alec and magnus ShadowhuntersI know it’s cheesy, but Alec chose to make Magnus whole, even though he knew his heart will forever be broken. He was brave enough to sacrifice his happiness if it means saving Magnus.

I know it’s incomparable, but Jesus did the same thing for us. He knew, He will carry an unbearable cross, walk a thorny path, and die a brutal death, all for His love for us – in order to make us whole again. That’s how much Jesus loves us. Quite romantic if you really think about it.


Know That You Are Not, And Never Will Be, Alone

When Magnus lost everything – his career, his home, his magic – it felt like it can’t get any worse. But it did. He was abandoned by his champion. He was abandoned by Alec. He didn’t understand what was happening. He was at his all-time low.

But what he didn’t know was that Alec left him to make him whole again. Everything was for his own good. He was never really alone.

Sometimes, we are like Magnus. When we hit rock bottom and try to look for God, we can’t feel His presence anywhere. We start to doubt whether He really loves us, whether He actually exists.

If you are in this situation now, know that God is working on the sidelines, for your own good.

Everything will work out in your life the way God wants it for you – and believe me, His plans are far better than what you imagine.


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