dad knows best

Dad Knows Best

My dad was a man of few words. He was really smart, but rarely explained anything.

One time, when I was 14 years old, I was writing “real property of Robbie…” on my paper binder when he chuckled and said to me, “Bakit real property? Ano yan, bahay?

I never really understood what he meant until I entered law school and found out the difference between real and personal property.

I guess that’s the nature of most men. Immense wisdom yet, lacking in ways of expressing them.

But his love for me and my sister was more than we can ever imagine. The amount of love he had for both of us was equal. No one was loved less. Although sometimes, it didn’t appear so.

As the younger daughter, it appeared that he loved me more because he was more lenient with me on money, approval, and pretty much anything.

prodigal sonEven on his deathbed, when he was giving us his final words, he asked my sister to take care of me and my mom. And yet, what he said about me was, “kawawa naman si Obeng, tangang tanga pa.” Until his last breath, he was thinking of how fragile I was.

Be that as it may, we never felt that there was inequality in his love. I just always thought that he gave my sister more responsibility because the two of them were closer than me. My dad knew her more than me; and he knew that she could handle things better than I would.

Pretty much like the story of the prodigal son in the Bible.

Everybody thought he was loved more, given more favor. When he went back to dear old dad, the latter didn’t even hold a grudge and welcomed his son with open arms.

The older son, on the other hand, had always been with dad. And yet, not even once had dad thrown a party for him.

prodigal son

But what he didn’t see was that, he had always been with his father. He didn’t experience eating with pigs, getting depressed, going out of his mind, and humbling himself wanting to apply as a servant rather than a son.

Love doesn’t work this way. We may not understand it sometimes, but our Father in heaven, just like dear old dad in the prodigal son, and just like my dad, know what’s best for us. We just have to trust Him.

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