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Business Name Registration at DTI Negosyo Center

This is the first of a 3-part blog post documenting the steps in setting up our business and in having my book published. I have been asked many times by friends how I went about – or am going about as I’m not finished yet – with the process, so I’m writing it for easy reference, for anyone who would like to set up their business or publish their book but don’t know how to start.


Last week I had our business name registered at the Negosyo Center in Santa Rosa; I must say, government services have definitely improved.

As a newbie who has zero knowledge in having a book published here in the Philippines, the first thing I did was ask around and research how others did it.

Plus, the 90-day Book Writing Challenge Course I enrolled in definitely helped.

The course gave me an idea of where and how to start. It gave me a starting point.

Business name registrationWhen you enter into a race or a marathon, you can’t just start running.

For you to fulfill your goal of finishing the race, you have to find the starting point.

That’s what the course did – to which I am very thankful.

There are a lot of options for one to have his book published. One could submit his manuscript to different publishers or publish it himself.

I chose to self-publish because I would like to control what happens to my book – when and how it will be launched. Of course, the hard part here is I have to market it as well, but that’s another story.

So, off to self-publishing basics.

First thing I did was make it a legitimate business – register a publishing house where I can publish my own books.

In order to have your business registered and have its own identity, you need to have it registered via DTI or SEC.

But between the two, DTI registration is more practical for small business start-ups. I’d love to give you a lengthy discussion on the differences and advantages between DTI and SEC, but I’m also parking that for another blog post.


DTI Registration at Negosyo Center

Business name registrationAs for registering my business name with DTI, I had no idea how to go about it so the first sensible thing I did was look for a step-by-step process in the DTI Website.

At first, I thought I needed to go to DTI’s Office in Makati to have my business name registered. But then I found out that the Negosyo Centers have the capability to process business name registrations.

As I wanted to speak with someone to clarify a few things - e.g., how much will I spend, what requirements do I need - before going, I checked if they had a Facebook page.

I then discovered that there was one near our place, so I immediately sent a message to their Facebook page.

A few minutes after – what great service – someone answered my query.

The instructions were very clear and very precise. He answered every question I had so there was nothing else to do but go there with the requirements and have my business name registered.

For a complete list of the DTI Negosyo Centers, check out their DTI Directory here.


Step by Step Process

As I’m just telling you my story, I opted to write the process in the first person.

1. First I needed to make sure I had at least one valid ID with me – it's best if the ID is government issued.

I was informed in Facebook chat beforehand that if I were applying as a representative of another person, I needed to bring the owner's ID and an authorization letter.

2. I was informed that I needed to fill out a few forms and wait for a few minutes so they could check if my business name was taken.

3. I also needed to pay the corresponding registration fee upon approval of my business name.

The registration fee would depend on the range of the business’ operations, to wit: Barangay level for P230.00, City level for P530.00, Regional level for P1030.00 and National level for P2030.00

Because my publishing business would operate on a national level, I needed to pay P2030.00


Kudos to a Speedy and Professional Service

Business name registrationSo off I went to the nearest Negosyo Center.

The office was very clean and presentable. I almost felt like I was in a corporate office.

I went to the nearest desk and was politely entertained by the officer in charge. I informed him of my purpose, to which he gave me a few forms to fill out.

After finishing the forms for less than 5 minutes, I went back and he asked me about the details of the business. While being seated, he checked if the business name had any duplicates – it took less than 5 minutes.

Once everything was settled, I paid the corresponding fees and had my business name registered – in less than 20 minutes!

He then informed me that they will just send a text message within 5 business days once the certificate is already available. It didn’t really take 5 business days; I got a text message 2 days after my application.


Start of Something New

This post is only the start of a three-part post I’m doing to help out other newbies like me in setting up their own business or getting their book published.

Stay tuned for my next post on Business Permit – Brgy. and City level – and then finally, my ISBN!




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