Big Bad Wolf Book Sale – Book Hunting with the Fam

“Reading is a conversation. All books talk. But a good book listens as well.” – Mark Haddon

Saturday is always family day.

This particular Saturday is extra special.

My schedule includes giving a talk on a freelancing workshop centered on article writing, blogging, and vlogging. But the fun part is, my husband and daughter tag along so it’s both work and play for me.

The workshop is really great, but that’s not the only super fun thing about this particular Saturday.

Big Bad Wolf Book SaleThe venue of my talk is near the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in World Trade Center Manila, so after my talk, we decided to go and have a look.

For those who’ve been to the World Trade Center in Manila, you know how big it is.

For those who haven’t, it’s floor are is 16,500 square meters. That’s 400 basketball courts in one enclosed space.

And when we got there, the entire area is filled with mountains of books. I it was indeed, a sight to behold, for a book lover.

The not so good part of the day –very minimal actually – was that I wearing 3 inch high heels the whole day. My feet already hurt like crazy.

But we weren’t going back to the book fair anymore, so I had to optimize my time, walk all the way through this humongous event area and check out all the books – it was totally worth it.

From the super fun experience, I gathered the following lessons:


1. Books are Timeless

When we got there, Not only were there tons and tons of books; there were also A LOT of people. Men, women, professionals, students, grandmas and grandpas, parents and kids…

This just goes to show that, even during the digital age where you can read your books using your smartphones, a lot of people still prefer the good old fashioned physical book.

It’s not just reading, it's feeling the book. Touching the rough cream page, enjoying that smell of old paper… it adds to the overall experience of reading.


2. Start Them Young

It was a really happy time for me in spite of my complaining feet. I got to spend Saturday with my two loves looking for good books.

I noticed that there were also a lot of families who spent their Saturday looking for books in the book fair. There were mommies and daddies who brought their four or five kids, there was a mom who had a baby in a baby carrier while she looked for the perfect book.

And what’s nice about this sight is that, I know, that when these kids grow up, they’ll be book lovers, too, just like their moms and dads.

May it be fiction, non-fiction, history, activity books, books with cartoon characters – what’s important is that the family is together, enjoying their time looking for the right book.

How we mold our children, where we bring them and the amount of time we spend with them during their formative years, matters a lot.

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2019 will be at the World Trade Center until March 4, 2019. It’s open 24 hours a day. Visit the book sale with family and friends!

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