Where is Your Wealth – Things that Matter Most

Where is Your Wealth – Things that Matter Most

Where is your wealthI finally found out the answer this unsolvable riddle: which came first, the chicken or the egg.

What’s your answer?

Is it the egg? After all, there will never be a chicken if there wasn’t an egg from where it hatched.

But then, some will argue, there will never be an egg unless there was a chicken that laid it.

Before I answer that, there’s a hidden question that people should be asking before solving this riddle.

The question is: what is considered important; what is considered wealth, is it the chicken or the egg?

Another analogy is a really big tree with delicious fruits. Some will argue that the wealth of the tree is in the fruit. Trees that do not bear fruit don’t have wealth – and I definitely do not want to eat a tree!

But not many people consider that before the tree bore fruit, it started out as a seed. So, does this mean that the wealth of the tree is in the seeds, not on the fruit?


Of course, the seed will not grow to be a big tree that bears fruit if it weren’t placed by the farmer in the soil, watered by rain, kissed by sunshine, made strong and sturdy by time – it’s a very long and tedious process.

So where is the tree’s wealth? Where is the chicken’s wealth?

It’s in the process.

Let’s go back to the chicken-egg riddle.

Which came first? The answer: none of them.

What came first is an invisible being that created either the chicken or the egg. What came first is the process of planting the tree, watering, nurturing… patiently letting the tree grow all by itself.

Now let me ask you: where is your wealth?

Don’t be misled by this riddle.

Where is your wealthDon’t be fooled by the sweet and tasty fruits created by the tree – get rich quick schemes usually promise us sumptuous fruits without working hard for it.

A lot of people get fooled and scammed by ads showing how people get rich just by investing and not doing anything else. They show their extravagant lifestyles, fancy cars, and signature bags to show that their method works and it'll work for you, too.

This investment is doomed to fail, first because you do not understand how it works, and second, anything worth having in life is worth working for.

Similarly, planting seeds and working hard will all be for nothing if we do not acknowledge the source from where the process came from.

We can work ourselves to the bone, but unless we acknowledge that there is a source far bigger than us, our hard work will be for nothing.

So, to answer that very tricky question, once you know what matters most, you'll know that it's neither the egg or the chicken but a God far bigger than both.

Be one with the source. Be one with God.

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