Here's what I've been up to this June!

BWC Book Launch 6.0 + Intoduction to Writing

Finally! My book, The Freelancer's Bible for Pinoys was launched at the Ortigas Foundation Library together with 12 other books from fellow authors who graduated the 90-day Book Writing Challenge by Sha Nacino.

3-Day Intensive Virtual Assistance Traning

Had a blast facilitating this 3-day Intensive VA Training for Algorhythm Career Service Specialist to equip their VA workforce with skills and expertise in providing the best service for their clients.

The Freelancer's Bible for Pinoys - Available on Amazon

Want more time with your family, have that perfect work-life balance and be able to work at the comfort of your home, but don't know where to start?

Then, this book is definitely for you.

This book is a complete guide that will teach you how to muster up the courage and equip you with all you need to know, and finally...start.

This book gives you everything you need, tangible and intangible, before taking that plunge to pursue your dreams.

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